Press conference was held on 30th January 2024, The Chief Executive Officer of Fountain Gate Sports, Mr. Calvin Shaban (center), has explained the institution’s priority in finding international opportunities for their players from various teams of the institution. He has praised their success so far, including Lamela Maneno, who joined the Kenyan league, and Gadiel Michael, who joined Cape Town Spurs of South Africa, respectively. Mr. Calvin has confirmed the institution’s determination to continue those international efforts and build international cooperation. Following this success, today they have announced to bring Coach Frank Petersen (left) from Denmark, who has a lot of experience, to visit the various departments of Fountain Gate Sports from 29th January to 6th February 2024. This step shows the institution’s determination to strengthen their standards and develop the talents of their players. We look forward to witnessing the results of this new partnership.

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