In 2023, Fountain Gate Academy managed to buy the Fountain Gate Stadium, previously called Gwambina Complex, located in Misungwi in Mwanza. The stadium is now known as Fountain Gate Stadium and has been turned into a hub for various sporting activities in the region. Different Fountain Gate departments, including the Fountain Gate Princess Women’s Team, are using the ground for training and even camping during the preparations for the 2023/24 League. This step has enabled the development and improvement of infrastructure, supporting the goals of Fountain Gate Academy to prepare young people for the international Arena. In addition, Fountain Gate Sports launched the YETS (Youth Empowerment Through Soccer) Program for the first time in the Lake Region, aiming to provide various training, including soccer. The stadium plays an important role in providing opportunities for young people to participate in the program and develop themselves in sports. This step is in line with the objectives of Fountain Gate Academy to provide the best preparation for young people who aim to reach the international level.

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