Mr. Sunny Dulai, the former coach of Wolverhampton Wonderers of England, made an interesting visit to the Fountain Gate Princess Club, which resides in Tanzania, at our last practice at Nyamagana Stadium, Mwanza. 

Accompanied by the Director of Fountain Gate Academy and the President of the Club, Mr. Japhet Makau, Dulai greeted the players and the technical bench. During the training, Mr. Dulai was able to give words of encouragement to the players and the technical bench. He stressed the importance of morals and listening to teachers as an important way to succeed. His words, “You have a good team, keep morale and listen to the teachers, you will be more successful this season,” has left motivation and enthusiasm for the Fountain Gate Princess Club. This comes at an important time as they prepare for the Tanzania Mainland Women’s Premier League game against Alliance Girls, which is expected to be played tomorrow, January 2, 2024. Mr. Dulai’s visit brings international experience and guidance to the Fountain Gate Princess camp, adding to the quality of their preparations. 

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